Committee Constituted to Tackle Resettlement Issues of Mangla Raising Project’s Affectees Under the Chairmanship of Ch. Muhammad Barjees Tahir

July 09, 2014

Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgig-Baltistan, Ch Muhammad Barjees Tahir has showed his displeasure over the attitude of concerned departments in order to resettle the Mangla Dam raising project’s affectees. He ordered to settle the issue of resettlement of ‘Extended Families’ as early as possible. Terming them like the IDPs of North Waziristan, Minister Said that they needed immediate attention. He was Chairing the 20th meeting of the Committee to settle the matters of Mangla Dam raising project’s affectees. Prime Minister Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Acting President AJK and Chief Secretary AJK also participated in this high level meeting held in Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan. Other participants included Secretary Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan Shahidullah Baig, Additional Secretary Tahir Raza Naqvi, Chairman WAPDA and representatives of Planning Commission, Ministry of Water and Power, Sui Northern and various other departments. Purpose of the meeting was to review the progress of work on decisions made by the same committee one year ago in its 19th meeting. Progress this regard was found very poor on which Federal Minister showed his displeasure. PM AJK also showed his reservations on departments’ pace of work. Federal Minister ordered to expedite the pace of work and directed to complete residential colonies and schools as early as possible and termed it a humanitarian crisis. It was decided to pursue the cabinet for 641 cusec of drinking water for Mirpur City. Ministry of Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan will write to Cabinet in this regard. In order to resolve the legal issues of increased compensation claimed by Mangla Affectees, a Committee under the Chairmanship of Federal Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan was constituted. Other members of the committee included PM AJK, Secretary Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit-Baltistan, Secretary Water and Power, Secretary Finance, Secretary Law, Chairman WAPDA and Syed Naseer Gillani Chief Water, Planning Commission.